vrijdag 29 april 2011


It has been a long time, I have some problems with my hands from all the pc work...

What I used:
- base: catrice up in the air (2x)
- stamping:
  . catrice hip teens wear blue jeans and plate M65
  . konad white and plate BM08

This was my manicure last sunday, I had a black&white party. The black got smeared when I used the topcoat.

vrijdag 15 april 2011

with some stickers

What I used;
Base: Catrice purplelized
 curls: konad soft pink plate H14
 tips: konad white plate M77 (stamped twice)
pink, purple and white tippainter topped of with some stickers (zeeman)

dinsdag 12 april 2011

Army theme

This manicure did not come out the way I wanted, but hell I post it anyway.

what I used:
Base: Catrice sir yes sir! + matte topcoat
Stamping: M9 and M3 with china glaze sci-fi and emotion
White: some stripes and extra's using a white liner

donderdag 7 april 2011

purple garden

What i used:

- Base color; Catrice Lucky in Lilac and a matte topcoat!
- Sponge; white Spfx  Wet Paint Nail Glaze System ( coloreffect = suspicion)
- Stamping:
   . First I stamped the tips again with the basecolor (lucky in lilac) and plate M70
   . Purple decoborder in Catrice plum play with me and plate SdP a9 ( the vertical leaves behind the flower)
   . Puple and white flowers M20 (konad white and catrice plum play with me for the stamping)
   . Purple and white tippainter for the stem
- A few schimmer dots with china Glaze 2030

It looks better in real life, verry cheerfull.

By the way I sell the Wet paint nail Glaze system...

dinsdag 5 april 2011

give-away at spellbinding nails

This really is a SUPER give-away. Go to Spellbinding Nails to enter

there are a lot of give-aways out there (what we really LIKE!!!) But this one is great and so big.
I got some new polishes from Catrice 6 pcs and it cost me around 10€ (special discount at Kruidvat)
Iron maiden, Dirty Berry, Hip teens wear blue jeans, Sir yes sir, Purplelised, blue cara ciao

First a new design using Dirty Berry as a base, It is a bit holographic but my picture is not so clear.

Base; Catrice Dirty Berry
  - Squares, XL A plate using Catrice Poison me Poison you
  - Flowers on tip and nail: M40 using Konad White

woensdag 30 maart 2011

marble look-a-like

This one looks like a marble but it was less messy. This is all made by stamping.

What I used:
- Base, gosh froufrou
- Stamping, plate A6 stamped with 2 colors (konad white and wine)
- Extra, some black and white stripes with an essence tippainter

I forgot my topcoat, but you get the idea.