dinsdag 9 november 2010

soft stamping nail art

On the german webshop nailart und mehr I found this new thing.
It is an other way of stamping nail art. This way it is easy to make a multicolor design.

I like it and want to try it.....  next payday....

4 opmerkingen:

  1. i have a stamping like this..from an asian braNd "The Face sHOP" but honestly... It gave me an head ache coz im always failed when Im about to stamp the design on my nails.. I have no decent mani with this stamp kit...

  2. thank you for the info. I also think the original plates like konad are the best thing.

  3. Interesting, I saw a post somewhere about them, and I completely forget.
    Good thing to know they don't work :).

  4. oh,, mine sems nice,, i lyk this one for colorful use,,,