vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Discovered a secret hollo

Yesterday's mani was nice, but I wanted something new and I wanted it fast!
So this is yesterday's mani with a topcoat (3 layers) I used the "wetpaint nailglaze system" special effect topcoat CRYSTAL. I must say it turned out better than I even hoped. The picture is really not strong enough, in real life it is a bright shiny hollo it is not silver like the picture but bright multicolors.
You do not need an extra topcoat with this system.

If you like I sell this polish + rest of the wetpaint nailglaze system (see side-bar)

donderdag 24 februari 2011

chandelier on wallpaper

What I used:
- Base: Catrice london's weather forecast
- Stamping: Chinaglaze Sci-fi with konad plate M71
                   Konad white with plate BM8

Win-actie bij Shirley


Soon her new on-line shop will be on-line, I can't wait.
To celebrate this she is giving away a big plate holder and one of her own image-plates.

dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Fast frame

Just a quick one, easy and fast but nice
What I used:
Base: Catrice caught on the red carpet
Stamping: China glaze 2030 with image plate SdP A15 (from shirley)

this many is a few days old, so it does not look very good + I forgot the topcoat
fast fast fast...

donderdag 17 februari 2011

testing the plates from shirley

Yesterday my order from Shirley arrived  http://www.shirleysbeauty-nails.com
I bought 5 of here new image plates (A4, A9, A15, B1, B9). As a gift she gave me some water decals, and that was jus what I wanted. I'm planning to order one sheet of water-decals at here shop, but I want to make the designs myself. One sheet is not expensive but still now I can try some decals before my order. I have never used them before.
About the plates, they are very nice!! There was blue foil over them (not easy to get off) they are good quality in my opinion.

I used the Sdp-A04 plate for my first design. The ony problem I had was the cotton masacre when I tried to clean the plate. I had to use a cloth with polishremover, because the design is so big and rough cottonballs do not work.

what I used:
Base: Catrice Plum play with me
Stamping: plate Sdp-A04 with china glaze emotion
Tips: Catrice winetastic
and one gold nailpolish dot

I must say the picture is crappy, it looks nicer.

I also want to place a big order at magnonails, but $$$ maybe next month.

maandag 14 februari 2011

I could not resist... a valentine mani

What I used:

PINKY  (base: china glaze ruby pumps, stamp: konad white plate CO4 coraline konad plate)
RING (base: essence multi dimension (old collection) white, stamp: konad red plate M72)
MIDDLE (base: catrice bloody marry to go, stamp: konad white plate M73)
LAST (base: china glaze ruby pumps, stamp: konad white plate T02)
THUMB (base: catrice bloody marry to go, big heart painted with essence tippainter, stamp: konad white plate M72)

donderdag 10 februari 2011

Lace by lacey

I have a very monochrome clothingstyle, mostly I wear black. But today I put on some color..
This needed some matching nails.
The result is not what I hoped it to be, but hey tomorrow I make a new one.
What I used:
- Base: catrice sweets for my sweet
- Stamping:
        - chinaglaze joy + emotion on plate M72, this was nice 2 colors in one konad
           I will try that again an other time
        - white konadpolish on plate M57

Now here it all went wrong...
- I colored the animalprint with china glaze joy
- some black stripes with essence berlin tippainter

and even worse...
- I painted some tartan on the tips with essence tippainter in white, pink & purple

so I really f*ck** up a good manicure.

woensdag 9 februari 2011

star french

Here is a less colorfull design, I wanted it to look naturel. But the base color is a bit too orange.
Still I kinda like it.

What I used;
- Base: Gosh Sweety
- Sponge: Used 2 whites one from essence (I can't remenber the name) and the white glaze from Wet paint nail glaze system, I liked the way it blends all together.
- Stamping: Dark grey konad (looks black but is softer) plate A12 (chez delaney)

maandag 7 februari 2011


What I used;
-base; Catrice princess for a day
-sponge; tips with Catrice wrapped around my finger
  on the background China glaze joy with plate A12
  tips Konad white plate M51
-I painted the stamping on the tips with essence tippainters in pink, silver, black
-Lines with essence tippainter in white purple pink and black

vrijdag 4 februari 2011

simple polka returns

A quick update, I had no time for a new mani so I just changed the colors a bit. On the China glaze QT and dots comes the wet paint system Anguish and Angel glaze.
anguish glaze

angel glaze
(By the way, I sell and swap the nailglaze system http://nailartbylacey.blogspot.com/2011/01/koopje.html)

donderdag 3 februari 2011

simple polka

What I used:
- Base: China Glaze QT (very nice holo)
- Stamping: China Glaze 2030 plate M72

I kept it simple today because I'm gonna pick out my WEDDING RING today.