zondag 30 januari 2011

crackle? Oh no...

This new one look like cracklepolish.
What I used:
-Base: Catrice Clayton my hero
-Stamping: M72 with China glaze adore
-Topcoat: Essence

vrijdag 28 januari 2011

Thank you totallypolishedbeauty

I got an award from totallypolishedbeauty!

1. Copy and Link back to the person that awarded you with this
2. Tell 7 things about yourself
3. Award 10 recently discovered bloggers
4. Let them know about this award

2.  1. I always wear black (I'm not a goth, just like it)
     2. I'm a graphic designer
     3. I'm getting married this summer
     4. I always wear high heels
     5. I love dogs, and have one (teckel)
     6. I lover horror / slasher movies
     7. I have no self-confidence what so ever!

donderdag 27 januari 2011


What I used:
-Base: Catrice Let's mauve on
-Glaze: Wetpaint nail glaze Lust
   stripes: M65 China glaze joy
   symbol: M15 China glaze 2030
-French tip: China glaze 2030
-Dots: Wetpaint nail glaze Lust (toothpick)

woensdag 26 januari 2011

My new polishes from Mumi

I got my new polishes from the shop http://shop.mumi.nl/
they were some China glaze krome and romantique. I bought them for stamping only.
I'm so glad I did, they are even better to stamp then I thought.
And I must say, the service from the mumi shop is great. Everything was on time and it was packed soooo sweet and secure. I'm happy I found the shop. OK on the transdesignshop the china glaze is cheaper, but I had some trouble importing stuff in the past and I learnd my lesson well.

Here is my first try with the krome
What I used:
- Base: cheap black polish with some gold effect in it (from NewLook)
- Stamping:
   Cross: H11 with China glaze hi-tec
   French: M45 with China glaze hi-tec

Picture is not good, because it looks very strong on my hands.

maandag 24 januari 2011


My new design looks armygreen with a poison touch...
What I used:
- Base: grey bourjois
- Glaze: Wet paint nail glaze anguish (green glaze)
- Stamping: Konad yellow plate M24
- Topcoat: Wet paint nail spfx crystal

dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Wicked grapes

What I used:
Base: Gosh frou-frou
Glaze : Wet paint nail glaze system lust
Stamping: (not clear on picture) Gosh frou-frou with plate H5 (glittery stripes)
Tips: Wet paint nail glaze system wicked and white tip painter from essence
Stamping: Konad special white  plate M37
Dots: toothpick with wet paint nail glaze lust an wicked
by the way, I sell (or swap)  the wet paint system. See banner on the right

donderdag 13 januari 2011

my new order

Hi, I just placed an order at www.mumi.nl
Just some china glaze polishes for stamping!
Look 6 bottles of china glaze for 31.83€ incl. transport that is 5.3€/bottle
ok price

China Glaze Sci-Fi781€ 6,40
China Glaze 2030801€ 6,40
China Glaze Hi-Tek811€ 6,40
China Glaze Adore891€ 6,40
China Glaze Joy871€ 6,40
China Glaze Emotion861€ 6,40
Subtotaal€ 35,04
Discount-€ 17,52
Verzending en afhandeling€ 9,20
BTW€ 5,11
Eindtotaal€ 31,83

Corset Nails

Ok, it is not original. You can find this design everywhere, but I like it so much. I had to give it a try.
This is a mix of my 2 passions: corsets and nails...
What I used:
- Base: Catrice winetastic 3 coats (looks like black!)
- Sides: Catrice london's weather forecast
- White: Essence tippainter
- Topcoat: Essence

maandag 10 januari 2011

pink tartan and lace

What I used:
Base: Catrice Hot or Not
Sponge: Catrice The pinker the better
 - M60 with Catrice Wine-tastic (for the tartan)
 - M80 with Konad special white (for the lace)
Stones (gift from http://renatelovesnailpolish.blogspot.com/ ) glued with essence nailglue
Catrice white tip painter for the stripes
 - essence topcoat
 - on ringfinger Wet Paint nail glaze Crystal sfx

woensdag 5 januari 2011

Flowers by night

What I used:
Base: - Princess for a day Catrice
         - Wet paint nail glaze color Lust
         - Wet paint nail glaze color Angel (only on end of nail to make darker)
Glittercoat: Wet paint sfx Stardust
Stamping: M26 with Konad yellow
Handpainting: color on and in the flower with Wet paint nail glaze lust and angel
without flowers

dinsdag 4 januari 2011


Ik heb een klein lot van Wetpaint aangekocht, dus wie graag een setje koopt mag me contacteren!
Dit systeem is volledig nieuw in Europa.Ik heb slechts enkele setjes ervan te koop, wees dus snel voor dat ze weg zijn.
Wat is het?
10 flesjes nail glaze voor 20 euro Dit is een sheer topcoat die de kleur van je gewone nagellak kan veranderen.Dus met deze flesjes kan je jouw nagellak collectie uitbreiden tot het oneindige.
Ik heb ook enkele sfx-flesjes (special effect top-coat) dit zijn 3 flesjes voor 8 euro (greystone is er niet meer, en het onyx flesje is wat vuil)

Je kan ook de flesjes apart bestellen! maar dan is het wel 4euro het stuk kan kiezen tussen:
-lewd glaze
-loco glaze
-willfull glaze
-wicked glaze
-angel glaze
-affection glaze
-desire glaze
-lust glaze
-angel glaze
-wild glaze
-anguish glaze

-crystal sfx
-stardust sfx
-suspician sfx
-onyx sfx (flesje is wat beschadigd, deze is dus maar 3euro)


I won something!!

Thank you very much Renate from http://renatelovesnailpolish.blogspot.com/

I will try these puppies as soon as possible!!

maandag 3 januari 2011

happy 2011

What I used:
Base: Catrice from dusk till dawn
Stamping: Plate M60 catrice winetastic and flower with M60 konad white
dotting: with dottingtool catrice london's weather forecast