donderdag 7 april 2011

purple garden

What i used:

- Base color; Catrice Lucky in Lilac and a matte topcoat!
- Sponge; white Spfx  Wet Paint Nail Glaze System ( coloreffect = suspicion)
- Stamping:
   . First I stamped the tips again with the basecolor (lucky in lilac) and plate M70
   . Purple decoborder in Catrice plum play with me and plate SdP a9 ( the vertical leaves behind the flower)
   . Puple and white flowers M20 (konad white and catrice plum play with me for the stamping)
   . Purple and white tippainter for the stem
- A few schimmer dots with china Glaze 2030

It looks better in real life, verry cheerfull.

By the way I sell the Wet paint nail Glaze system...

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