donderdag 13 januari 2011

my new order

Hi, I just placed an order at
Just some china glaze polishes for stamping!
Look 6 bottles of china glaze for 31.83€ incl. transport that is 5.3€/bottle
ok price

China Glaze Sci-Fi781€ 6,40
China Glaze 2030801€ 6,40
China Glaze Hi-Tek811€ 6,40
China Glaze Adore891€ 6,40
China Glaze Joy871€ 6,40
China Glaze Emotion861€ 6,40
Subtotaal€ 35,04
Discount-€ 17,52
Verzending en afhandeling€ 9,20
BTW€ 5,11
Eindtotaal€ 31,83

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I have Sci-Fi and Hi-Tek, they are really nice! (Good price for 5,30 each)

  2. Try take a look at Transdesign next I'll bet they are cheaper (9 bottles are shipped for 18 dollars, a bottle of china glaze is 3 dollar, that makes 5 dollar a bottle)