woensdag 26 januari 2011

My new polishes from Mumi

I got my new polishes from the shop http://shop.mumi.nl/
they were some China glaze krome and romantique. I bought them for stamping only.
I'm so glad I did, they are even better to stamp then I thought.
And I must say, the service from the mumi shop is great. Everything was on time and it was packed soooo sweet and secure. I'm happy I found the shop. OK on the transdesignshop the china glaze is cheaper, but I had some trouble importing stuff in the past and I learnd my lesson well.

Here is my first try with the krome
What I used:
- Base: cheap black polish with some gold effect in it (from NewLook)
- Stamping:
   Cross: H11 with China glaze hi-tec
   French: M45 with China glaze hi-tec

Picture is not good, because it looks very strong on my hands.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. very gorgeous!!
    love the color where you have stamped with!!

  2. wow great art! I like your blog and i become a follower!