donderdag 10 februari 2011

Lace by lacey

I have a very monochrome clothingstyle, mostly I wear black. But today I put on some color..
This needed some matching nails.
The result is not what I hoped it to be, but hey tomorrow I make a new one.
What I used:
- Base: catrice sweets for my sweet
- Stamping:
        - chinaglaze joy + emotion on plate M72, this was nice 2 colors in one konad
           I will try that again an other time
        - white konadpolish on plate M57

Now here it all went wrong...
- I colored the animalprint with china glaze joy
- some black stripes with essence berlin tippainter

and even worse...
- I painted some tartan on the tips with essence tippainter in white, pink & purple

so I really f*ck** up a good manicure.

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