donderdag 17 februari 2011

testing the plates from shirley

Yesterday my order from Shirley arrived
I bought 5 of here new image plates (A4, A9, A15, B1, B9). As a gift she gave me some water decals, and that was jus what I wanted. I'm planning to order one sheet of water-decals at here shop, but I want to make the designs myself. One sheet is not expensive but still now I can try some decals before my order. I have never used them before.
About the plates, they are very nice!! There was blue foil over them (not easy to get off) they are good quality in my opinion.

I used the Sdp-A04 plate for my first design. The ony problem I had was the cotton masacre when I tried to clean the plate. I had to use a cloth with polishremover, because the design is so big and rough cottonballs do not work.

what I used:
Base: Catrice Plum play with me
Stamping: plate Sdp-A04 with china glaze emotion
Tips: Catrice winetastic
and one gold nailpolish dot

I must say the picture is crappy, it looks nicer.

I also want to place a big order at magnonails, but $$$ maybe next month.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauuww het ziet er mooi uit! :D De kleur van het lakje was denk lastig om op de foto te nemen :P
    Fijne plates he :)

  2. Wat mooi gedaan.
    Ik hoe ook zeker va de kleuren zo samen.

  3. Wat mooi gedaan.
    Ik hoe ook zeker va de kleuren zo samen.

    En dan nu met mijn hele naam haha ±/'